Choosing The PILATES CLASS thats right for you

The mind when housed within a healthful body, pocesses a glorious sence of power 

- Joseph Pilates - 

At Active Pilates we offer a wide variety of Group, Private & Semi Private Classes.

These Classes Range from Our Studio Equipment Classes (3 Clients per Class) to Our Group Reformer Pilates Classes (8 Clients per Class) & Circuit Classes (6 Clients per Class).

Our Studio caters for everyone's individual needs.

These classes have been designed so that there is a Class to suit absolutely everyBODY. Whether you have never done Pilates before, young, elderly, new mums, elite Athletes or simply just looking for something new to try to keep your body healthy - There is a class to suit you!

To get started at Active Pilates, there are a few options.


If you are NEW to Pilates & Our Studio, we encourage you to purchase our STARTER PACK for $99. This Pack includes a 55min Private Class & Postural Assessment as well as an additional Group Reformer Class (Valued at $152). This Initial class will get you moving in all the right ways for your Body & Posture. After this class & assessment we can then guide you into the best Class to suit you at our Studio going forward.

If you are confident in your Pilates ability and are injury free, then you are welcome to purchase any of our Equipment or Group Reformer Passes.


At ACTIVE PILATES we want you to leave the studio after each class feeling taller, leaner, pain free and full of life. The following class descriptions will outline the classes in much more detail, so you can choose the class that is right for you. 





In our Equipment Room we offer Classes where we ensure each client is carefully supervised & maintained during this Class on specialised Pilates Equipment such as The Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel , Spine Corrector & Stability (Wunda) Chair.  Each Client has a program tailored to them which suits their individual needs & posture. We Maintain a very Low Ratio of up to 3 Clients per Class with 1 Instructor. We also incorporate The Physio Ball, Therabands, Foam Rollers and Ankle weights.


These classes will really help you with your Technique, Alignment, Posture & Control. Working all those small muscle groups that often get missed in every day life. This format of Pilates is also referred to as the Tradition Studio Pilates designed by Joseph Pilates.


Our Signature Class - The Reformer Class is the PERFECT Class for our new & existing clients at Active Pilates.


Our Group Reformer Room has only a maximum of 8 Clients per class. Having small classes allows our highly trained Instructors, to uniquely modify the Pilates exercises to suit our individual clients.


We pride ourselves on getting to know you & your body needs.


This Class is designed for everyone, of all ages to help: 

- Strengthen your Deep Abdominals (Your CORE)

- Increase flexibility

- Eliminate Pain eg. Back, Hip, Shoulder, Neck Pain

- Improve Posture

- Tone Up

Plus so much more.


Your Body & Mind will be challenged, however the pace of this class is smooth & fluid. We promise that once you start, you will not look back.


These classes are a lot of fun as well as being educational for your body, mind and spirit.


For the perfect start at Active Pilates we recommend the STARTER PACK:

1 x Private Class, plus an additional

1 x Group Reformer Class.


This is a great class to fine tune all the Essential (beginner) level exercises on the Reformer with some wonderful stretches incorporated into the repertoire. 

We must Stretch it out, so we can Strengthen it up!


Often a lot of us skip one of the most IMPORTANT & key components of exercise - which is the  STRETCHING.

As beneficial as our exercise is for us, it can often leave our muscles feeling a little tight & stiff. This is referred to as  "DOMS" - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

DOMS usually last around 1-3 Days depending on your Body, your water consumption & your stretch routine.

This is where we usually hear: "Stretch Routine? What Routine?"

If you do not stretch out those tight muscles you can not strengthen up correctly the smaller, often more important muscles.

Eg if your Hamstrings are super tight, then it is so hard to strengthen them up & your Glutes "bum" muscles properly. Leaving you cramping or worse straining/tearing these muscles when you next exercise. 

This is why we have designed the perfect Pilates BASICS & STRETCH Class on the Reformer

These classes are designed for Everyone. 

For The Surfer, The Office worker, The Tradie, The Dancer and Everything in between. This class is for you.

The focus is on:

- Great Technique learning or fine tuning the Essential / Beginner level exercises on the Reformer

- Improving Flexibility in all those muscles we know are prone to tightening up Eg. Those Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Upper Traps & small muscles in your Neck - just to name a few 

- Strengthening your CORE (Deep Abdominals, Hip Stabilisers, Pelvis Floor, Multifidus) 

- Help to Eliminate PAIN -  Low Back, Neck, Hip, Knee & Shoulder Pain - also just to name a few

We will be incorporating Dynamic & Static Stretching in between the exercises on the Reformer Plus we also use the Foam Roller & Oov for extra stretchy movement.

Using the reformer your STRETCHING is taken to a whole new level. Not only will you feel more limber, Your posture will also improve out of sight and you will walk out of every class feeling taller & ready to Strengthen up again. 

Once you try this class you will never look back!

*This is a great FIRST class for any client NEW to Reformer Pilates to familiarise yourself with the reformer repertoire & equipment.


In these classes you will be able to experience all the wonderful Pilates equipment:










These classes are lots of fun, but also a great opportunity to learn & experience new functional movement on all the amazing Pilates equipment.

I's a great way to challenge your whole body.

You will get the benefit of cardio and strength training in this class.

Classes are 55 min

There is a maximum of 6 clients in these classes, so there is a lot of care and attention given to each client.  Modification will be given when needed as always.  Because of this we can individualize peoples challenges. 

We will also be incorporating the Cardio tramp and or the jump board in these classes, for those clients wishing to use these too.

This style of class is open to all clients who are capable in the regular reformer classes.

Book these classes on your regular group reformer pass or your membership.



It's great to mix up your Pilates program.

Challenge your Mind & Body.