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Choosing a REFORMER CLASS thats right for you

We offer a wide variety of Classes at ACTIVE PILATE. Ranging from Equipment Classes to Group Reformer Pilates Class. Our Studio caters for everyone's individual needs. These classes have been designed so that there is a Class to suit everyBODY. 

To get started, ideally we recommend choosing our "STARTER PACK" option. This pack offers a 30min Private session &

3 group Reformer classes, which will ensure you get the best start possible to our Reformer Classes. 

Alternatively, you can book in a Private Equipment Class, where you have the chance to experience all the Studio Equipment with one of our very experienced Instructors for 55mins. This is ideal if you have never tried Pilates before, or if you are suffering any kind of back, hip or knee Pain.


At ACTIVE PILATES we want you to leave the studio after each class feeling taller, leaner, pain free and full of life. The following class descriptions will outline the classes in much more detail, so you can choose the class that is right for you.




Our Signature Class. The perfect first class if you are new to ACTIVE PILATES. However, this class is not only for Beginners.

This class really is designed for everyone, of all ages. Some of the many benefits include:

- Strengthen your Deep Abdominals (YOUR CORE)

- Increase your flexibility

- Eliminate Pain eg. Back, Hip, Neck Pain (just to name a few areas)

- Improve your Posture

-Tone Up (not Bulk up)

Your Body & Mind will be challenged. The pace of this class is kept smooth& fluid. Once you start you will not look back.

Be warned, It's highly addictive.

If you are wanting more STRETCH in your class, or you suffer chronic injury/pain, please see the class "SLOW & STRETCH" to see if this is more suited to you.


Are you ready to progress from our FLOW class? Are you looking to increase the intensity of your Reformer workout? If yes, then this class is designed for you!

In this class the resistance & the pace is increased. The repertoire of exercises are at a higher level of difficulty.

To jump into this class you must have had previous experience on the Reformer.


Slow and Stretch classes are designed for EVERYBODY, from our Beginners to Advanced clients. 


These classes are focused on slow, dynamic & static stretching which allow the muscles to lengthen, while also improving flexibility and posture. Key Pilates exercises will also be taught around the stretching component of the class so you will still get a gentle workout in a very deliberate style. We always like to reiterate that these classes are slow & stretchy... but not easy. Those key muscles will still be working hard.


Stretching on the Reformer is more controlled than normal stretching, which allows for deeper stretching and lengthening of the muscles. This is a perfect class for those needing more flexibility & core strength while being taught the Pilates Principles at a slow and steady pace.

This is the PERFECT first class for any client NEW TO REFORMER PILATES.

FLOW II - Jump

Ready to get that heart rate pumping? Then our FLOW II - Jump is just for you!


Incorporating the amazing Cardio Tramps into these Classes will really make you feel the burn.

All of your deep abdominals, legs, core and glutes will have the ultimate workout.

Anyone who wants to lift the pace and challenge themselves will absolutely LOVE these Classes.



In our Equipment Classes we Tailor a program to each individual Client to best suits your needs & posture. We Maintain a very Low Ratio of up to 3 Clients per Class with 1 Instructor. We ensure each client is carefully supervised & maintained during this Class on specialised Pilates Equipment such as The Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel , Spine Corrector & Wunda Chair. We also incorporate The Physio Ball, Therabands, Foam Rollers and Ankle weights. These classes will really help with Technique, Alignment, Posture, Control working all those small muscle groups that often get missed in every day life.