I’ve been attending Active Pilates for a few years now & recently cracked more than 500 sessions there. I went from hating all forms of exercise throughout my life to looking forward to attending 3-5 times each week. Every instructor knows your name (a little like Cheers) & any niggle you’d preciously had. Having passed my Pilates addiction to a few friends, I can not recommend this studio more highly to anyone wanting to start or continue with their own addiction! - JH

Active Pilates saved my life! As a male in my 40's, plagued with long-term lower-back pain, I was at a loss with how to overcome the often crippling pain that I would feel due to a degenerative condition and bulged vertebrae (L4, L5). Faced with surgery I was literally at my wit's end...until I discovered Active Pilates! Guided by a team of expert physio-trained instructors, within an intimate studio environment, Active Pilates couldn't come more highly recommended for anyone suffering from injury due to core muscle neglect. The beauty of reformer Pilates is in the support provided by the reformer carriage itself, it enables swift injury rehabilitation and recovery to long term sufferers, without the risk of doing further damage. As an avid surfer I have also found that with just three visits a week I have become far more agile in the water and am able to surf for far longer, at a higher level than I ever have, and somehow remain 100% pain free! I spent 40 years neglecting my lower-back pain issues, thinking that it was a part of growing old, if only I had of discovered Active Pilates in my 20's, I could've saved all those years of half-living a healthy and active life. - BW

By far the best teachers in the best studio on the northern beaches. Friendly welcome to all ages, shapes and sizes. Classes to suit all levels. - MP

Love my weekly reformer Pilates classes at Active Pilates. It’s my me time, my time to concentrate on my breathing, on stretching, on strengthening.... and to have a good laugh when I’m there with our fun Monday night class! - LW

Happy and friendly teachers running fun and effective classes! Going along to Active Pilates & Sports Therapy helped heal my disc bulge and teach me how to self correct my posture and alignment in other activities in life. I also felt well toned and more flexible. Overall it has helped me get back to living my life to the full. I would recommend to anyone whether returning to exercise after an injury or just looking to try a new form of movement!! - H.

I started @ Active Pilates after two very close pregnancies - and the team were amazing - very accommodating to my unique needs & limitations within the class. Reformer itself I found addictive and have been doing ever since. Highly recommend AP&ST. - EC

The reasons I love my sessions at Active Pilates are: 1. The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable in the Pilates techniques but all physiology, injury management and fitness 2. Despite being a “mature” client the instructors take our fitness and attempts to improve very seriously and help us gain the results we desire 3. I always feel safe in their care 4. The instructors are friendly and lots of fun - laughter helps with the challenging exercises 5. The premises is lovely and class sizes small 6. I feel so much better since I commenced doing classes, especially since going twice a week.. Keep up the great work! GM

My husband & I love the personal attention we get from great instructors. Its also a good meeting place for like minded individuals. LH


Awesome team and amazing classes with constant variety of exercises, always leave feeling healthy and positive ! FC


For me the best Pilates Studio on the beaches. To start with, the instructors are high skilled professionals always watching out for your posture and position during practice which is crucial to develop your movements and achieve your goals in Pilates. The variety in classes makes it super interesting, you never get bored of doing the same exercises every week and also helps you to work all the muscle groups you need. The facilities are well looked after and always up to date in terms of equipment and accessories. The online based system makes it very easy to choose and book your class avoiding overbooking and helps a lot with your week schedule. I have been training there for a year now and I am more than happy with the results. If you are recovering from an injure, suffer from any muscle related pain or just want to improve your physic body function Active Pilates and Sports Therapy is the studio for you. AP



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