Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Studio operate?

At Active Pilates we have 2 main Studio Rooms. The Group Reformer Room & The Studio Equipment Room.

  • The Group Reformer Room has a maximum of 8 Clients per class. These classes are all undertaken on the Reformer. An amazing piece of Pilates equipment that works on light resistance. There are many different types of Reformer Classes to suit everyone.

(Please see "Types of Classes" to find the best class for you)

  • The  Equipment Room has a maximum of 3 Clients per Class. In this room we utilise all of the Pilates Equipment including The Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Stability (Wunda) Chair, Spine Corrector & The Rehab Reformer. This equipment really helps facilitate movement in all different directions. These Classes are known as Equipment Classes & cater to whatever needs your body hason the day, whether it be rehabilitative after injury, take your Pilates to the next level or something inbetween. Every Client receives their own Program to suit their Body & Posture.

Q.   I have never done Pilates before, so what type of class should I start with?

A.  Ideally, All New clients to our Studio purchase the "STARTER PACK". This pack includes a 60 minute Private Session & Postural Assessment.

This is the perfect start at Active Pilates.

If you have had prior Reformer Pilates experience then you can book straight into a Group Reformer Class or Group Equipment Class at Active Pilates ,. These classes are great to familiarise yourself with the Reformer or all of the Studio Equipment while learning correct and safe techniques.

If you are new to Reformer Pilates, or have had an injury or a problem area then we highly recommend the "Starter Pack".

Q.   What are the main health benefits of Studio/Equipment Pilates?

A.   Pilates is a great way to learn how to build core strength for everyday life & to help keep your Spine, Body & Mind young. As Joseph Pilates said "YOU ARE ONLY AS YOUNG AS YOUR SPINE".

Pilates will improve your posture, alignment & general fitness, it can help relieve hip, neck and back pain (just to name a few), aswell as increase flexibility.

Our classes are kept small, to give our very experienced Instructors the opportunity to oversee all clients throughout the session to improve technique and to make sure all exercises are executed safely & correctly.

 (Please click HERE for more information on the benefits of Reformer Pilates.)

Q.  What do I need to know for my first class?

A.   Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class. This will allow you time to fill in your 'Health Form', meet your Instructor, familiarise yourself with the Studio, get changed (if needed), and place your belongings in our pigeon holes. Your Instructor will give you a rundown on the Equipment. PLEASE NOTE: If you are late to your first class, you may not be able to participate in that class for safety reasons.

Q.   What do I wear to a Pilates Class?

A.   We recommend wearing clothing you are comfortable exercising in such as Active Wear and Gym gear. This would include tights, leggings, shorts, and either a t-shirt or singlet. ALL clients must wear socks for good hygiene. (We also sell special grippy socks known as 'Toesox' in the Studio).

Q.   Where is Active Pilates & Sports Therapy located?

A.   Our address is Shop 9/5 Bungan Street in Mona Vale. Our Studio is 3 shops down from Pattison's Coffee Shop, right next door to Paddock & Vine Wine Bar. (Our entrance is next to the roundabout on the corner of Bungan Street & Pittwater Road).

Q.   Where can I park?

A.   Woolworths Carpark in Mona Vale is ideal as it has 3 hours FREE parking, and is only 1 minute walk from our Studio. The next best options are the other council carparks in Mona Vale which offer 2-3 hour FREE parking. We do not recommend the 1 hour parking spots on Bungan Street and Pittwater Road as the Rangers are very active and it is highly likely you may get a fine as you will be there for more than an hour, and no one likes coming back to their car and seeing a parking ticket!!

Q.   What if I have an injury / condition / problem area?

A.   Please make sure that you fill in our 'Health Form" before you begin your first class, and always notify your Instructor of any injuries or conditions. If you have an "acute Injury" (brand new injury) we recommend seeing the Physio prior to your first class. If you need any Physio recommendations we are happy to help you out.

If your injury is "Chronic" (old injury) or you have niggling pain then we can definitely help you.

The Starter Pack is the perfect option to purchase when you have an injury or problem area. The initial Private Class will allow the Instructor to complete a Postural Assessment & Program exercises to suit your body. Also making sure all exercises are completed correctly & safely. Your Instructor can then help guide you into the best suited classes going forward. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Q.   How much does it cost?

A.   The Starter Pack is $99 which includes a 55min Private Class & Assessment. We encourage all our new clients to book this in as your first visit. From here, we can advise you of your next best class at Active going forward.

For experienced clients, who wish to come straight into the Reformer Room, we would advise purchasing a Pass pack for the best value.

If you decide you love Plates (be warned: it is highly addictive!) we have a variety of pricing options ranging from a Passes to 3 Month Memberships.

(Click HERE for our Price List).

Q.   Will I be locked into a Contract/ Membership with hidden fees with my first class?

A.    No! If you purchase the Starter Pack, a Casual Pass or one of our 5,10, 20, or 50 Passes, there is no hidden extra fees or commitment. Our Passes do have expiry dates, but please always call us if you need an extension due to injury, holidays etc.  (If you cancel your Class within 12 hours you will unfortunately lose that class, but please call us if it is due to injury or illness).

Q.   Are there any extra costs with the 3 Month Memberships?

A.   If you decide to purchase a 3 Month Reformer Membership which entitles you to either 4 Classes a week, 5 Classes a week , or  Unlimited Group Reformer classes. You just pay either $59, $75 or $89 a week respectively for 13 weeks by direct debit.

*You can only purchase the Membership  on the computer (PC) via our website (this cannot be purchased through the app. However, once you have purchased the Membership you can still use the app to book/cancel all of your classes.

(PLEASE read our 12 Hour Late Cancellation Policy for the 3 Month Membership & the Unlimited Weekly Reformer Pass, which incurs a $10 automatic charge. We encourage all clients to cancel their class at least 12 hours prior if they believe they won't be able to make it. This allows clients on the Waitlist to be added to the class and notified to benefit everyone. As always, please email or call us if you need to Late Cancel due to injury or illness).

Q.   How many times a week should I attend?

A.   This is different for everyone. We generally recommend 2-3 times a week to feel and see the benefits of Pilates. However, some clients find if they come once a week they still feel the benefits and take all their knowledge into other activities they love doing eg, golf, tennis, football, soccer, swimming, surfing, running etc.

Q.  Can I get changed at the Studio and is their bathroom facilities?

A.  Yes, there are bathrooms at the Studio you can get changed in if needed. 

Q.   I am pregnant, can I still do Pilates?

A.  Yes you can.  If you have been doing group reformer  classes with us please inform your instructor as soon as you know and you can probably keep the group classes up for the 1st trimester.  If you are new to Pilates or new to our studio we would like you to start with our studio equipment classes. Once you are in the 2nd and 3rd trimester we recommend you to keep with the smaller equipment classes, so we can accommodate the exercises to your needs.


Q.   What if I need to cancel my class?

A.   We have a 12 Hour Late Cancellation Policy to enable Waitlisted Clients an opportunity to be added to the Class. If you Late Cancel on a 3 Month Membership or a Weekly Pass, this will incur a $10 charge. If you Late Cancel on all other Passes, you will unfortunately lose that class. (As always, please call or email us if you need to late cancel due to injury or illness).

Q.   Can I book a Private 1 on 1 Class or a Semi Private Class?

A.   Yes absolutely, we HIGHLY recommend these classes to EVERYONE! You can book a Private One on One Class or a Semi Private Class (Up to 3 Clients) online or though the Mindbody App on your Phone.

Choose your Instructor, Time, Day for your convenience. If you book a Semi-Private Class you can split the cost! Ps Only 1 Client books a Semi-private Class, the other friends/family attending split the cost with the Client that booked the Class. Always call us on 99971493 if you have any questions or for more availability than what is shown online.

1 on 1 :$100   I     1-3 Clients : $150

Q.   Can I claim my Reformer Pilates through my Health Fund?

A.   Our Pilates Classes are not 'Clinical Pilates', they are considered Group Pilates Exercise Classes. Some Health Funds will cover a portion of the payment through your 'Extras' cover so it will depend on your individual Health Cover. Please enquire with them directly.

Q.   Do I need to be fit or flexible to do  Pilates?

A.   Absolutely not! Our classes are designed to suit everyone and the majority of our clients love Pilates to gain more flexibility, improve posture and to gain more fitness. We always recommend the "Starter Pack" when starting out at Active Pilates, but please email or call us on 99971493 if you have any more questions.

Q.   Can I find out more information on my Instructor?

A.   Yes you can! Click HERE to visit our Instructor Profile Page, and learn how our wonderful Instructors discovered the world of Reformer Pilates!