Everyone is the architect of their own happiness
- Joseph Pilates - 

Meet the Team


All of our Instructors & Practitioners have a huge passion for health & wellbeing. We all bring our own unique style & can offer you something new & challenging in every Class / Treatment & Consultation. We are a fantastic Team & we really are all here for YOUR HEALTH & WELLBEING – we promise you will love all of our classes. Please read below to learn more about our Instructors...

  Alison Newby
Director/Owner of Active Pilates

       Diploma of Sport 

       Diploma of Remedial Massage

       STOTT PILATES Certified Advanced Reformer 

Advanced Matwork,

Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barrels

Pre/Postnatal Instructor

Total Barre Instructor

       Studio Pilates Reformer & Mat Instructor



Alison is a qualified Sports Therapist & Pilates Instructor & has worked locally here on the Northern Beaches for over 12 years. Her passion is treating people through Pilates & opened the doors to Active Pilates in 2015. 

She wanted a special place where her clients could come and exercise safely. A space that had a huge focus on functional movement . 

A progression from the Physio.  

The aim is to always get her clients living Pain & Injury free. The Studio continues to evolve in this direction.

She has treated 100's of people including Elite Athletes to Chronically Injured, Pre/Post Natal Mummas, Actors/Actresses, Models,  and the more mature members of our community. 


Alison has seen  so many wonderful results from her clients over the years who have suffered from poor posture, back/neck & hip pain, shoulder & knee dysfunction /reconstructions, post natal abdominal separation, general Aches & Pains  and so so much more... 


Alison has 2 young gorgeous Children which keep her on her toes & has a super keen interest in sports and has grown up competing in surf boat rowing, touch football , soccer, water polo, surfing & netball. She combines her Sports Rehab knowledge, Love of Pilates, fun loving personality and quick wit into all her Classes.

Alison's classes are a combination of a lot of anatomical terms (that most people think she makes up) and challenging her clients in a "safety first" kind of way. 

Her daily goal is for every client to leave the studio with a smile on their face, feeling better than when they first walked in.


Emily Brannan

Certified Reformer Instructor (POLESTAR)

STOTT PILATES Advanced Reformer 

Studio Pilates Mat Instructor

Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor


Emily had a successful career in the publishing industry for 8 years prior to starting a family and deciding on a complete lifestyle change. She started Pilates (after being harassed by her great mate, Al - see above) & had been practising yoga for ten years and realised that this was something that made her feel great and helped her feel stronger in her day to day life bringing up three small children.


She has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle and learning new things and she believes that Pilates has given her a combination of the two, keeping her fit and quenching her thirst for knowledge as the beauty of Pilates is that you can always learn something new even when you least expect it.

When Em is not teaching, she loves to spend time with her family and friends.

She also loves swimming , tennis and going to the beach at her beloved Freshwater!

Em is secret book worm too, so listen out for all those big words too that she loves to throw around in class. she really does back that up with her amazing Instruction & attention to detail with ever client. You will fall in love  with Em's classes she is so warm & friendly

Julia Comodo
STOTT PILATES Certified Reformer and Matwork Instructor

Diploma in Fitness- ACSF- Australian College of Sports and Fitness

Certificate IV and III in Fitness- Australian College of Sports and Fitness

Health Coach- Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Animal Flow Instructor

BA in Journalism

MBA in Marketing

 Julia is a Reformer & Mat Pilates Instructor, Fitness Instructor ,Personal Trainer and Health Coach . She is known for her playful and powerful teaching methods and is committed to helping people that want to improve their fitness , health and wellbeing to live a life that feels incredibly nourishing, energetic , exciting and balanced .


Julia has made it her mission to expose her clients to the joy and satisfaction that comes from intelligent exercise and healthy lifestyle.

She will take you to the next level in her Reformer Classes by working by your side  providing inspired support , delivering programs tailored to fit into your life to improve your fitness level and overall health. No matter what your start point is.

As a classically trained dancer Julia, has a deep-seated passion for movement, patterns and how the human body works.  After taking a break from ballet after 12 years, Julia discovered Pilates, the centre of her fitness thinking. 


Deeply inspired by Pilates creator Joseph Pilates, Julia lives and breathes by his philosophies and soon you will too.


Julia also brings a wealth of knowledge with her regarding health & wellness during the peri-menopause/menopause & post menopausal phases. 

Her dedication to Pilates, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing is second to none & she is full of wise wisdom that can transform you from the inside out.


Rita Barbosa


Diploma of Professional Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Post Graduation in Respiratory Physiotherapy

Certificate IV in Fitness

Degree in Classical Dance

Thai Chi Instructor


With over 30 years experience in Dance Companies, TV Shows, movies and Broadway Musicals, Rita comes from a vast movement background. Her interest in Reformer Pilates began when she was a Professional Ballerina from Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo, Brazil, aswell as the Royal Acedemy of Dancing in London.

In 1997 Rita completed her Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy, and 2 years later she Post Graduated in Respiratory Physiotherapy.

In 2007, Rita moved to Australia and undertook a Certificate IV in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer, but in 2014 she discovered her love and passion for Reformer Pilates and she went on to complete a Diploma of Professional Pilates for Rehabilitation.

Rita is not only a great mover, but she is passionate about teaching others how to move with her knowledge, precision and positivity.

Rita's classes are a must for those clients who enjoy that extra detailed attention to movement. She will kill you with kindness & leave you feeling worked in all the right places.


  Emma Daffy

              Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (Studio) Pilates International Training Centre
Certificate III & IV Fitness Personal Training - Personal Training
Bachelor of Nursing - Australian  Catholic University
  Diploma of Marketing - TAFE NSW

Our lovely Emma originates from the management side of the health and fitness industry, with over 10 years experience.  Being a keen health and fitness enthusiast, specifically enjoying running and attending gym, Emma wanted a new challenge after the birth of her children.  Enter Pilates!! Completely changing the way she viewed health and fitness training, she realised just how beneficial the Pilates Method was, both physically and mentally.  It was a game changer, and it was knowledge she wanted to share with others.

Emma completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, with Pilates International Training Centre.  A brilliant complement to her knowledge previously obtained through her Personal Training Certificates, she made the switch from Management to Instructor. Practicing as both a Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, advocating the benefits of functional health fitness with the help of the Pilates Method, aiming to improve how clients feel and move in everyday life.

Emma  believes in positive affirmation and challenging oneself.  As the Pilates Method advocates, the Mind Body connection is powerful, and makes anything is possible!

Emma's classes are the perfect combination of sweetness with hint of deep burn in all the right places. She is very passionate about moving well, which makes her a perfect fit for Active Pilates

When Emma is not practicing Pilates or completing her own workouts, she is enjoying the beach with her family & friends.

Georgie Cathels


Studio Pilates - Matwork Qualification 

Studio Pilates - Reformer Qualification 

Barre Body - Pre & Post Natal Qualification (currently completing)

Georgie's classes have a strong focus on form!

Concentrating on the mind / body connection, her classes include a wonderful combination of Strength and Cardio also.

Growing up with a love of dance, Georgie has always had a passion for movement, finding joy in exercising and moving daily.

After finding Pilates for herself, she was amazed at what Pilates taught her about her body and became addicted to the Post-Pilates-glow she felt after each class.


With a passion to help spread the benefits of Pilates, Georgie turned to teaching, hoping to help clients learn more about their bodies through movement. 

Enjoy Georgie's Classes every Saturday morning.


She is a ray of sunshine & brings her bubbly & fun personality to all her classes.


Marika Palm






Marika fell in love with Pilates accidentally after a recurring hip injury was preventing her from doing the sports she loved. She was then recommended to try Pilates to see if it could help rehabilitate her body.


Quickly realising it wasn't "rehab" as she knew it to be, she became dedicated to learning more about the Pilates Method. 

Fast forward to today, Marika's classes are an awesome blend of Technique Focused Fun repertoire.

Combining her own experience with injuries & her Pilates education, she has a strong passion for helping her clients move in a way that activate all the right muscle groups to help rehabilitate & prevent further injuries to their bodies. 

See Marika at the Studio early on Monday mornings & Thursdays evening 


Marika is such a warm, bubbly & inspiring Instructor. You will love her classes.

    Giane Caon Camara
Diploma of Professional Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Giane has always had a keen interest in rehabilitation and worked as a Physiotherapist when she lived in Brazil. Giane is one of our Full Time Instructors and has a passion for hiking, cycling and skiiing.
She brings a rehabilitation element to her classes, combining this with her positive & calming energy & extensive knowledge, her classes are a must for those returning from injury & who enjoy learning about the basic principles of  Pilates in a very relaxing, tranquil environment.
Giane is an Angel & makes everyone feel very loved & cared for.