Change happens through movement & movement heals
- Joseph Pilates - 

Pilates As You Know It - BUT SO MUCH MORE!

Active Pilates is about functional movement. We are a comprehensive equipment based Pilates Studio using various Pilates Equipment that originates from Joseph Pilates back in the early 1900's.

Our Studio welcomes all abilities & ages. We have Classes to suit everyone. We have built an amazing community & we pride ourselves on helping all our clients achieve their desired results. We move in our classes with a huge emphasis on technique. We believe that when you connect your Mind & Body the possibilities are endless.

Expect to work muscles you have never worked before.


We have two Pilates Rooms within Active Pilates.

The STUDIO Equipment Room & The Group REFORMER Room.

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In the Studio Equipment Room we offer Privates & Semi Private Classes (maximum of 3 Clients per class).

In these classes you will be given Pilates exercises tailored to your individual body needs & posture. Your highly experienced & caring Instructor will guide you through all of your exercises to help improve your technique & make sure you are moving correctly. You will be given modifications when needed on all exercises as we truly understand that not all bodies move in the same way.

Various types of Pilates Equipment will be used during these classes to get the most of your body, such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Baby Arc & more.

These classes are a fantastic way to start your Pilates journey at Active Pilates.


The Group Reformer Classes have a maximum of 8 Clients per class. This allows for a fun dynamic Class, but is still small enough, so that the Instructor can keep a watchful eye on all clients to make sure the exercises are being performed correctly. 

Our Classes are programmed so that you will get a full body workout and you will feel all those little muscles that you have never felt before, in a good way!

The Reformer is an unbelievable piece of equipment that provides additional resistance to your regular Pilates routine & takes your workout to a whole new level.

The beds are customised to individuals by increasing/decreasing the resistance depending on where your physical fitness lies, from clients post injury rehabilitation to elite athletes, under strict Instructor supervision. Every client will be on their own Reformer bed.

Benefits include:​

  • Increasing strength & flexibility (longer & leaner muscles)

  • Improving postural problems

  • Body awareness & self-correction

  • Weight loss & Toning 

  • Improved performance in sports

  • Easy on the joints

  • Improved movement functionality

  • NO MORE Back, Neck, Hip Pain

  • Reduced risk of injury in the future 


Reformer Pilates is based around the core Pilates Principles founded by Joseph Pilates. Our Instructors are all highly trained Certified Instructors and focus all exercises around this method.