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Pilates As You Know It - AND SO MUCH MORE!

Our Studio is a comprehensive Pilates studio based on various Pilates Equipment that originated from Joseph Pilates back in the early 1900's.

The Studio is split into two main Rooms. One Studio is known as the Equipment Room and the other is the Group Reformer Room.


The Equipment Room offers Small Studio Classes  (with a maximum of 3 clients per class) & The Group Reformer Room offers varies types of Reformer Classes (with a maximum of  8 clients per class).

In the Equipment Room you will be given Pilates exercises tailored to your individual needs & posture. You will work on various types of Pilates Equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Baby Arc & more. these classes are a must when you are brand new to Pilates, suffering from Pain or Injury or simply just need a little extra care & attention.


The Reformer Room offers amazing group classes suited to everyone. Every client will be on their own Reformer in these classes.  The Reformer  provides additional resistance to your regular Pilates routine & takes your workout to a whole new level. The beds are customised to individuals by increasing/decreasing the resistance depending on where your physical fitness lies, from clients in rehabilitation to elite athletes, under Instructor supervision. Benefits include:

  • Increasing strength & flexibility (longer & leaner muscles)

  • Improving postural problems

  • Body awareness & self-correction

  • Complimentary to other methods of exercise

  • Improved performance in sports

  • No impact - so its very easy on the joints


Reformer Pilates is still based around the core principles founded by Joseph Pilates. Our Teacherss are all highly trained Certified Instructors and focus all exercises around this method.

The Basic Principles



We have 8 Reformers in total keeping the classes small enough so each individual can still have the attention they need but in a group environment.


We are very passionate about preventing injury and helping clients through their recovery period after injury & the reformer is a fantastic way to regain strength while helping to prevent injuries in the future. 


We also offer Private & Semi-Private Reformer Classes programmed to suit your individual needs.